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5 Hot Positions You Will Enjoy Trying Out With Your Sex Doll


5 Hot Positions You Will Enjoy Trying Out With Your Sex Doll 

Having sex is fun, having a sex doll is more fun, but having sex with a sex doll is ecstatic. That it is a sex doll does not mean you’re limited in how deep you can penetrate or the number of styles you can enjoy in quick succession. Fortunately, sex dolls are flexible, so you can turn them to any position that best satisfies you.

Below are some hot sex positions you can enjoy with your sex doll.

  • The Doggy Style

The doggy style creates so much space for you to penetrate your doll fully. There is usually a lot of room to go deeper and thrust faster. It is the perfect position where you can hit the G-Spot, and there is just too much fun to have with this style. Adjust her ass to match your rhythm and be taken to the 7th heavens in the realm of pleasure.

  • The Spoon Position

For this position, lay your sex doll on her side, but ensure her arms are bent to support her upper body. You can also gently turn her legs into a 45° angle to help her keep her lower body stable. Then lift her thigh, and penetrate all you want, and with a smoother thrust too.

  • The Magic Mountain Position

This position is also known as “the bent over but standing position.” Here, you get the doll near the bed, table, or any furniture at all. Then you turn the back of her face in such a way that it faces or touches the surface of the furniture. But make sure the bend starts from the waist of the doll. Then slightly spread her legs to enable you to penetrate easily from the rear position if you so desire. The most exciting side of this position is that it allows both anal and vaginal penetration.

  • Leaned Against the Wall

A lot of men love having their pussy from behind. And it is for the simple fact that they can easily slide in better without any form of obstruction. So if you are a man that loves having your pussy banged from behind, the corner of the room is where you should place the doll. This corner will support the weight of the doll, and also allow her to stand straight so she wouldn’t fall. Make the doll face outward; away from the corner of the room, then spread her hands outwards but towards the wall so that she can maintain her balance. Then lift one of her legs, which you will hold so you can penetrate her pussy or her anal orifice from behind. You can then thrust as fast, as hard and as much as you want.

  • The Good Old Missionary Style With a Lift

You don’t want to forget or miss out on the good old missionary style. Lay the doll on her back, lifting her both legs so that they’ll rest on your shoulder; then have your dick right inside her tight pussy.

Sexy Mellissa wants you to have the most amazing experience ever with your sex doll; this is why we compiled these hot sex positions that you can enjoy any time you desire. Feel free to get creative with your doll and devise new means to fuck the hell out of her. Suck her boobs, fingering her clit, tongue-suck every inch of her clit, and spank her ass for your pleasure.

But in whatever you do, make sure she is assembled in the right way, so she doesn’t lose her balance while in the heat of passion.


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