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Guide: How To Unbox and Assemble Your Sex Doll Properly


Guide: How To Unbox and Assemble Your Sex Doll Properly


So you finally purchased the sex doll that aligns with your fetish from Sexy Mellissa after much contemplation and thinking. It was the same you who patiently tracked the movement of your beautiful and well-endowed sex doll, but now that it has arrived, you cannot contain your excitement anymore.

It is standing at your doorstep with the delivery guy, and the only thing on your mind is ripping the carton apart, to reveal the content and to enjoy the feeling that comes with unleashing all of your sexual desires.

While the excitement is understandable, it is necessary that you calm your nerves, because there is still one last step that you’ll have to take; and it is unboxing and assembling the sex doll correctly.

We have put together a step by step guide to see you through unmasking your new baby, to ultimately ensure that no harm comes to her while at it. Here you go;

    • Step 1: The weight of the sex doll is something that usually amazes a lot of people whenever they receive the package. They probably didn’t expect the sex doll to be that heavy, so they are not usually prepared to carry the sex doll. Most full-size sex dolls usually weigh up to sixty or seventy pounds, but the weight includes that of the packaging weight. So you should be prepared on how you will move the sex doll to a room with enough floor space because you will have to assemble the sex doll on the floor. If you have to move it upstairs and you can’t do it alone, you can tip the delivery guy and tell him to assist you in moving the package upstairs.
    • Step 2: Once you have moved the package to a room with enough floor space, cut the packet along the seams, with a box cutter or a knife. Be careful not to cut deep into the package, to avoid cutting your new sex doll. Once you are done cutting it, the box will flip open.
    • Step 3: Now that the sex doll is open, you don’t want to stain the sex doll with your dirty hands. So wash your hands properly, and clean with a towel first.
    • Step 4: Carefully unpack the head of your new sex doll, then place it carefully beside the box. You will put it back later when you have gotten the remaining body out of the box.
    • Step 5: Now you should remove all the other accessories from the box. It usually comes with cleaning tools, some clothing, and some other accessories too. So remove them all, and set them aside. Once that is done, what will be left in the box is the body of the sex doll, and the blanket it lies on.
    • Step 6: Take out the foam from the body of the sex doll with the use of a pair of scissors, and with utmost care.
    • Step 7: Then lift the body of the doll carefully, along with the blanket that the doll was laid on. Then gently place her on the floor beside the box.
    • Step 8: Lift the head you removed from the box initially, and attach it to the body of the sex doll now. Then you can now proceed to wear the wig that came with the packaging on the head of the sex doll.


Congratulations! You have successfully unboxed and assembled your new sexy sex doll. Isn’t she so adorable? A kiss would be perfect in welcoming your latest addition home. You can now proceed to think up the best possible way to have your dick screwed right into her super pinky punani.

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